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Training Evaluation and Development

The Training Evaluation and Development (TED) cell is an integral part of the Training Department. The cell was initially called the Integrated Training and Planning Office (ITPO). However, following the departure of the British in 2009, the cell has undergone some structural changes to make it more efficient and responsive to the training needs of the Centre. Consequently, the cell was renamed TED cell.

1. Compilation/Updating KAIPTC yearly Training Programme/Updating on weekly bases.
2. Compiles Course Description for all Courses run at the Centre/Updating on monthly bases.
3. Compilation of Centre wide Course Directors allocation matrix
4. Compile Course Directors post course reports.
5. Undertake Training/Course Evaluation & Assessment.
6. Conduct presentations for course participants on how to fill evaluation forms.
7. Manage's the Centre’s Database
8. Compile statistics on quarterly bases and also on request.
9. Manages KAIPTC E-Learning Project.
10.         Manage's the Centre’s new Learning Management System (LMS).
11.         Makes input into the Centre’s Alumni Platform Project.
12.         Compiles Training Department Half Year/End of Year Report.
13.         Participate in Selection Boards for KAIPTC Courses. 
14.         Participate in LDD/ Review of courses.
15.         Participate in other projects of the Training Department.

  • The KAIPTC database is used for the storage of participants and facilitator's   information aimed at developing an organized mechanism for information retrieval as well as develops a roster for Peace Support Operations in West Africa, Africa and the World.
  • The database is also used for online evaluation of courses at the centre. 
  • Provide statistics for midyear and annual reports.
  • Provide information (including contact details) of past participants for research, field monitoring and evaluation exercises.
  • Prepare and populate an excel sheet for the tracking of facilitation (This exercise helps to track the number of hours the centre's staff facilitate on courses).
  • TED conducts course evaluation for all KAIPTC courses after which a summary report on the course is produced. This is achieved using 5 different forms: 
  • Daily Participants Feedback Form- Filled daily by participants to assess modules relevance and facilitator delivery skills. 
  • Monitoring Forms – Independent assessment form filled by TED staff to assess modules, participants and facilitators.
  • Facilitator Feedback Form – Filled by facilitator to assess how well participants receive the modules as well as teaching aids. 
  • ELQ/1 Form – Filled by participants at the end of every course to assess vital areas of course structure, administration and delivery.
  • ELQ/2 Form – Post course impact assessment form filled after 3 months after completion of course (usually online). 

Manage’s KAIPTC E-Learning Programme
Liaise with POTI on all E-Learning correspondences.
Approves course participants and KAIPTC staff access to the E-Learning. Platform.

Lead Discussions on the Centre’s Learning Management System (LMS).
Makes input into the Centre’s Alumni Platform Project.