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Invitation to Civil-Military Coordination in PSO (E-ICIMIC) Course

Invitation to Civil-Military Coordination in PSO (E-ICIMIC) Course
21 November 2016


Dear Alumni,
   Integration within the peacekeeping environment - 4th Generation Peacekeeping - requires awareness and understanding of the various mission components in relation with other actors (humanitarian relief, development assistance, national actors, etc.). This includes understanding the mission, mandates, structure, activities and liaison fora, liaison requirements and the relevant responsibilities of these actors when operating in an integrated mission environment. The Integrated Civilian-Military Coordination Course aims at enhancing the capacity of peacekeepers and civilian mission staff to effectively manage relief and humanitarian missions. To this end, the course addresses key civilian-military coordination and cooperation principles that underlie operations in an integrated mission environment. In this regard KAIPTC has for the first time developed an e-learning training course for the ICIMIC dubbed Integrated Civil-Military Coordination in PSO (E-ICIMIC).

   The course was developed by world-renown experts and were extensively peer reviewed. The training delivery methodology was formulated by educational experts and offers the flexibility for the participants to study at their own pace without compromising the quality of Learning. Participants can accomplish assignments, check their progress, gain access to subject matter experts, and share experiences with their co-participants.

   I am writing to encourage you to take advantage of the Comprehensive Civil-Military Coordination in PSO (E-ICIMIC) course, which is a pre-requisite for the face to face ICIMIC course.

The below is the guideline to access course for the course:

Step 1. Please logon to and login with your user credentials
Step 2. On your dashboard you will see you are subscribed to Integrated Civil-Military Coordination in PSO (E-ICIMIC).Click to access materials for the modules. The modules are segmented into lessons: lesson 1 to lesson 5
Step 3. Study each modules in the lessons by clicking on the file dubbed Eg.”Lesson Reading: UN-CIMIC Overview to view video tutorials of the materials.
Step 4. After completing all the module go to final assessment of the course and complete the assessment. You will be issued a certificate upon completion.
Step 5. Complete the questionnaire in the final assessment session dubbed“Feedback on the ICIMIC E-learning Course”. Please give us your feedbacks about the content and nature of the module.

Thank you and have a nice E learning experience.