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Admission of Candidates: Doctor of Philosophy (Phd) In International Conflict Management

Admission of Candidates: Doctor of Philosophy (Phd) In International Conflict Management
15 March 2017

(Accredited Tertiary Institution by the National Accreditation Board)


The Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre (KAIPTC) in Ghana will run a PhD course in International Conflict Management from August 2017.


The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in International Conflict Management (PICM) at the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre (KAIPTC) is one of the only few of such programmes available in Africa.  PhD students accepted into the programme will receive broad interdisciplinary training and opportunities that draw on an array of social science and humanities disciplines.  Graduates will be able to address problems from a sophisticated knowledge base of substantive and methodological approaches.  The core courses prepares students in key global competencies including: (1) Intercultural Dynamics of Global Conflict; (2) Conflict, Peace and Security analysis; (3) International Relations; (4) National Security Issues; and (5) International Law, Human Rights and Conflict. Methodological preparation is rigorous, including course work in the first year. 


Within the broad framework of the KAIPTC’s mandate, the course aims at equipping participants with tools for analytical thinking, good judgment, leadership and other critical managerial skills.  The specific objectives of the course are to:

1.    Achieve the highest professional and academic standards in conflict prevention, resolution and management, mediation, negotiation, peace brokering, security management and gender and conflicts.

2.    Provide graduates with broad training allowing them to integrate the latest research findings into theoretically rich, issue-relevant publications and reports. 

3.    Prepare graduates to address global conflict issues using the latest and most effective quantitative and qualitative research methods through methodological training.

4.    Integrate theory and practice in the analysis of international conflict based on student’s experience.


a.     Course Work
Students will be required to complete five (5) core courses as their course work in the first year.

b.    Individual Project
Students work individually on the research project with regular assessment by supervisors within the period. During this period they are required to demonstrate a high level of initiative and original thought to develop and carry out in-depth research as well as understand the broad context in which the work is undertaken.


Start Date: August 2017.
Duration: Four Years (Full Time Applicants)
Course Location: KAIPTC, Teshie, Accra (Ghana)


Candidates are required to obtain the following to qualify for admission:

a.    A good first degree (2nd Class Upper and above); and
b.    MPhil, MA or MSc (with thesis/dissertation); and
c.    Obtained Grade A in Thesis/Dissertation at the Postgraduate level.
d.    Excellent understanding and comprehension of English is required.

In addition, candidates are required to submit a thesis proposal along with the completed application form to qualify for admission.  Previous experience in security-related issues as well as working in peace and security environment is an advantage for admission.


Visit the KAIPTC website, toapply online or download the Application Forms. For other details about the course, contact the Registry on Telephone +233 (0) 244 847 394, +233 (0)206752054 /e-mail /,/   

Closing Date for Applications:  26th May 2017