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The Core Values of the Centre

The KAIPTC is a value-based organisation. It believes in the following values and principles and seeks to use them as the cornerstones of its operations:

Knowledge as an asset: The KAIPTC believes that the generation and application of knowledge is central to understanding critical peace and security issues.

Integrated approach: The KAIPTC believes in an integrated and multi-dimensional approach to peacekeeping and peace-building, recognizing the increasing and expansive requirements of modern peace operations that involves the combined expertise of civilians, police and military. Additionally, the Centre subscribes to integration that speaks to the issues of gender and social diversity towards inclusiveness and collective ownership of decisions.

Collaboration and partnership: KAIPTC believes that the concepts of peacekeeping and peace building have international dimensions. The Centre also believes in the power of institutional collaboration as it promotes strength in the context of diversity where each party brings special expertise developed over years of work in a niche area. The Centre, therefore, seeks to work with other peace support training centres across Africa and the rest of the world.

Professionalism, excellence, honesty, integrity and accountability:
KAIPTC believes that inherent in its international presence is the need to meet high standards of transparency and accountability that enables the Centre to win the trust and confidence of its stakeholders; namely, collaborating partners, development partners, beneficiaries and staff. The Centre will express these qualities in the way it works, as well as in its engagement with stakeholders. The Centre will endeavour to espouse prudent financial management and other international best practices to ensure that it is transparent and accountable for the resources that are entrusted to it.

Motivated work force in a secure work environment: The Centre believes that its success depends on the security of its staff, high levels of motivation and the resilience of infrastructure needed for its operations. Promoting these ideals requires a range of interventions relating to effective recruitment and retention of competent, experienced and motivated staff, thorough maintenance culture and innovative ways of improving upon the delivery capacity of the KAIPTC. The Centre commits to the creation of an environment that inspires excellence through compliance with the above-mentioned values.

Respect for diversity, equality and fairness: KAIPTC upholds the value of pluralism and inclusiveness. The Centre believes that its institutional and international character requires a staffing composition that is multi-national, multi-racial, multi-religious and gender balanced.

Democratic governance and human rights: To achieve its vision of contributing to a stable and peaceful Africa the Centre is obliged to commit to the ideals of freedom, liberty, justice and fairness – the cornerstone of participatory democratic governance. The Centre would remain non-partisan at all times.

Sustainability: As the Centre continues to grow, it acknowledges the possibility of growing into a competitive international environment that requires the preparation of sustainable strategies. The Centre will work with its partner institutions, the international development partner community and friendly governments, and also with interested private sector actors to develop short, medium to long-term strategies that guarantee the institutional and financial sustainability of the KAIPTC.